Node CLI Cheatsheet

  • Network Type: Mainnet
  • Chain-id: eightball-1
  • Current Node version:
  • Planq CLI Cheatsheet

    • Always be careful with the capitalized words
    • Specify --chain-id

    Wallet Management

    Add Wallet Specify the value <wallet> with your own wallet name

    8ball keys add <wallet>

    Recover Wallet

    8ball keys add <wallet> --recover

    List Wallet

    8ball keys list

    Delete Wallet

    8ball keys delete <wallet>

    Check Wallet Balance

    8ball q bank balances $(8ball keys show wallet -a)

    Validator Management


    Create Validator (Staking) with 100 EBL

    8ball tx staking create-validator -y \
      --chain-id eightball-1 \
      --moniker Indonode \
      --pubkey "$(8ball tendermint show-validator)" \
      --amount 100000000uebl \
      --identity "YOUR_KEYBASE_ID" \
      --website "YOUUR_WEBSITE_URL" \
      --details "YOUR_DETAILS" \
      --from <wallet> \
      --commission-rate=0.05 \
      --commission-max-rate=0.20 \
      --commission-max-change-rate=0.01 \
      --min-self-delegation 1 \
      --gas auto \

    Edit Validator

    8ball tx staking edit-validator \
    --moniker="<MONIKER>" \
    --identity="YOUR_KEYBASE_ID" \
    --details="YOUR_DETAILS" \
    --chain-id eightball-1 \
    --commission-rate=0.05 \
    --from=<wallet> \
    --gas-adjustment="1.4" \
    --gas auto \

    Unjail Validator

    8ball tx slashing unjail --from <wallet> --chain-id --chain-id eightball-1 --gas-adjustment="1.15" --gas auto --gas-prices="0.025uebl" -y

    Check Jailed Reason

    8ball query slashing signing-info $(8ball tendermint show-validator)

    Token Management

    Withdraw Rewards

    8ball tx distribution withdraw-all-rewards --from wallet --chain-id eightball-1 --gas-adjustment="1.15" --gas auto --gas-prices="0.025uebl" -y

    Withdraw Rewards with Comission

    8ball tx distribution withdraw-rewards $(8ball keys show wallet --bech val -a) --commission --from wallet --chain-id eightball-1 --gas-adjustment="1.15" --gas auto --gas-prices="0.025uebl" -y

    Delegate Token to your own validator

    8ball tx staking delegate $(8ball keys show wallet --bech val -a) 1000000uebl --from wallet --chain-id eightball-1 --gas-adjustment="1.15" --gas auto --gas-prices="0.025uebl" -y

    Delegate Token to other validator

    8ball tx staking redelegate $(8ball keys show wallet --bech val -a) <TO_VALOPER_ADDRESS> 1000000uebl --from wallet --chain-id eightball-1 --gas-adjustment="1.15" --gas auto --gas-prices="0.025uebl" -y

    Unbond Token from your validator

    8ball tx staking unbond $(8ball keys show wallet --bech val -a) 1000000uebl --from wallet --chain-id eightball-1 --gas-adjustment="1.15" --gas auto --gas-prices="0.025uebl" -y

    Send Token to another wallet

    8ball tx bank send wallet <TO_WALLET_ADDRESS> 1000000uebl --from wallet --chain-id eightball-1


    Vote You can change the value of yes to no,abstain,nowithveto

    8ball tx gov vote 1 yes --from wallet --chain-id eightball-1 --gas-adjustment="1.15" --gas auto --gas-prices="0.025uebl" -y


    Set Your own Custom Ports You can change value CUSTOM_PORT=22 To any other ports

    sed -i.bak -e "s%^proxy_app = \"tcp://\"%proxy_app = \"tcp://${CUSTOM_PORT}658\"%; s%^laddr = \"tcp://\"%laddr = \"tcp://${CUSTOM_PORT}657\"%; s%^pprof_laddr = \"localhost:6060\"%pprof_laddr = \"localhost:${CUSTOM_PORT}060\"%; s%^laddr = \"tcp://\"%laddr = \"tcp://${CUSTOM_PORT}656\"%; s%^prometheus_listen_addr = \":26660\"%prometheus_listen_addr = \":${CUSTOM_PORT}660\"%" $HOME/.8ball/config/config.toml
    sed -i.bak -e "s%^address = \"tcp://\"%address = \"tcp://${CUSTOM_PORT}317\"%; s%^address = \":8080\"%address = \":${CUSTOM_PORT}080\"%; s%^address = \"\"%address = \"${CUSTOM_PORT}090\"%; s%^address = \"\"%address = \"${CUSTOM_PORT}091\"%; s%^address = \"\"%address = \"${CUSTOM_PORT}545\"%; s%^ws-address = \"\"%ws-address = \"${CUSTOM_PORT}546\"%" $HOME/.8ball/config/app.toml

    Enable Indexing usually enabled by default

    sed -i -e 's|^indexer *=.*|indexer = "kv"|' $HOME/.8ball/config/config.toml

    Disable Indexing

    sed -i -e 's|^indexer *=.*|indexer = "null"|' $HOME/.8ball/config/config.toml

    Reset Chain Data

    8ball tendermint unsafe-reset-all --home $HOME/.8ball --keep-addr-book

    Delete Node

    WARNING! Use this command wisely Backup your key first it will remove Planq

    sudo systemctl stop 8ball && \
    sudo systemctl disable 8ball && \
    rm /etc/systemd/system/8ball.service && \
    sudo systemctl daemon-reload && \
    cd $HOME && \
    rm -rf .8ball && \
    rm -rf $(which 8ball)